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May 4, 2024 // Moseley, VA

May 4, 2024 // Richmond, VA

11:00 —

12:00 —

1:00 —

2:00 —

3:00 —

4:00 —

5:00 —

6:00 —


Event Name

Electronic Ambient Meditation Music

Matthew E. White

Outdoor Yoga

Carly Shields

Acoustic Set

Nick Samuels

Kirtan Sing-A-Long

Sue Agee and Co.

Soulful Serenade

Ashley Coleman

Ancestral Wisdom: Reviving Ancient Healing Arts

Rachel Kloiber

Panel Discussion: Plant Medicine Integration

Nick Samuels, Will Nelson, Mark S. Miller PhD, Anura

Unmask Your Shadow to Become Whole

Ashley Coleman

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy

J. Randy Frederick, MD

Transform Your Life by Transmuting Your Trauma

Khepera Sankara

7 Chakra Sound Meditation

Julian Desta

Transformational Breathwork


Breathwork Integration Soundbath

Maile Paek

Power Yoga

Nancy Feliciano

Yin + Yang Yoga

Andre Wilson

Sacred Rest Experience

Shanna Latia

Moving Back Into Life

Ellie Burke

Closing Remarks

Event Name

West Wing

East Wing

Outdoor Stage

South Asian Soul Fusion

Nathan Pal


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